Colorado archery/muzzleloader

We are smack-dab in the middle of elk and big-buck country at 11,400 ft. in the Colorado San Juan Mountains. Only 4 hunters maximum in order to preserve privacy and game management You are at timberline where visibility of herds and game animals is excellent. We have some man-made blinds as well as natural blinds in strategic spots. This camp will be on availability basis!

Black powder or muzzleloader occurs in the same area. Please speak to us about the special arrangements for this package. We have experienced 70% of our archers taking a shot and 50% successful harvest. Muzzle is on a draw basis; if you reserve the muzzle dates and do not draw, we will either refund your deposit or hold it over until you do draw.

For more information please call:
(970) 252-9306

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